Thursday, June 25, 2009

Journey to the Southland

We packed our things in Michigan and readied them for the long trip down to the Southeast to Atlanta, Georgia, our new home.

My God we have a lot of stuff!

Our old house being swallowed by the moving truck.

But, first we had the sad task of saying goodbye to our friends and family...

Julia getting a farewell henna tattoo from
our dear friend Ahklas

After cleaning our empty house and spending a few days with our dear friends the Arnolds, they said goodbye, helped us pack up Amelia and the rest of our worldly belongings that didn't make it on the truck and we headed south.

'Fourteen hours in a car with all this stuff?! Phooey!
I'm going to draw mermaids.'

Our first stop was Kentucky - the mid-way point on our journey South to spend a few days with the parents and aunts and uncles and of course to capture some Kentucky fireflies and other assorted activities they play down south...

Through the mountains of Tennessee and we finally arrived at our new house in Atlanta...
Now we have to unpack all that stuff! But first lets eat...

Amelia has treated the move like a big adventure with dashes of nostalgia for her old school and friends that she left behind but she's excited to explore and live in a new place too...

And luckily for her parents, no matter how different the place we go, there always seems to be a park with a balance beam nearby!

Atlanta at night