Friday, January 02, 2009

Millie's underwater Christmas

Millie decorated the tree as you can see.

Our last Christmas here in the frozen north was this one. Millie finally realized that Christmas is all about mermaids and angels (who are actually mermaids under their white, flowing garments), the other Disney characters like Sleeping Beauty (mermaid), Cinderella (mermaid), Tinkerbell (alias: Ariel the mermaid) and all the other princesses (who are also all mermaids).

Millie's favorite Christmas presents in order of appeal were: Ariel the Mermaid nightgown (wears it all the time - even over her other clothes), an underwater plastic mermaid cavern and two, count them two mermaid dolls. One is actually Barbie (who is also actually a finned creature as well).

We're kinda hoping she'll burn out on the mermaid thing soon (our cat has become a mermaid). It's really getting ridiculous but thankfully she hasn't yet graduated to Hannah Montana.

Ariel 'the Angel' which she portrayed in the church Christmas pageant (much to the chagrin of the other angels) ....

Her great-grandmother is NOT a mermaid...

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