Tuesday, December 09, 2008


A while back we had two lovely visitors to our home - Yuri and Tomo from Okinawa. They were in town as part of an exchange program with the University here to study the American child care system. The child care system they happened to be studying was the one where Amelia spends most of her time. As part of their studies here they could opt to stay with a host family for a weekend - to see what young American families look like and how they live. Needless to say Amelia and Tomo and Yuri made fast friends. This happened mostly since Yuri and Tomo like to wear pink which by coincidence is Amelia's favorite color (what other color would it be really?) Strangely it rained like an Okinawan monsoon here in Michigan the entire weekend they visited. This didn't stop us from showing them around town (the pink Cadillacs at the GM plant were their favorite), and a visit to the University Dairy Store:

Then we spent a lot of good time inside eating Okinawan cuisine which they prepared. Yaksoba is now one of our favorite foods!

Yuri and Tomo cooking Yaksoba:

Millie learning the chopsticks:


A gift for Millie from our Okinawan friends:

Tomo and Millie:

Finally a Sayonara dinner with all the students and a final farewell song...

Hope we see our friends again soon!