Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Insert tape, mix, send to future wife and mother of your children

OK, all the other SAHD's are doing it during naptime - reliving the early 80's when you made it with a cassette player and sent it to the hot girl in gym class. Now the hot girl's your wife and you make these online. It's still fun...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summertime rolls

A much needed summer vacation for dad coinciding with a work trip for mom last week. It was all fun for the Bun. It started with the Berrien County Relay For Life - a bit over half-a-million for cancer research. I always feel lucky to see my daughter running around at the fairgrounds during relay because I know many parents who have a child with cancer don't see the same thing. Amelia will never meet her uncle who died of a brain tumor but the Relay's hope is that children like her won't experience cancer if we raise money to bring it to an end. Let's hope.

*Relay really wipes a girl out!*

Then it was saying goodbye to mom and Amelia and I were left to our own devices so we did what I've been wanting to to for about three years and hit the beach!

It was really a perfect day. The weather was awesome and the water
for Lake Michigan standards in June was pretty good. Amelia played
hard and was out in about two seconds after we left. All that wave jumping and sandcastle building will do that to a girl!

Later in the week we took the tour of my aunt and uncle's ranch
to revisit some of our friends we hadn't seen in a couple years:

Finally it was a hop on the South Shore to go get mom in Chicago
After a long week (for her) for work and away from her family. We got
treated by the grandparents to lunch at the Grand Lux, then walked
the city a bit and got back on the train - they sure are loud!