Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday : the third time

We had a birthday at home for our daughter. It happened in between the end of the semester finals and a funeral, but we had one. It didn't consist of any neighborhood kids or party hats or lots of presents (there were none) or games or streamers and balloons or even any grandparents. The end of April was a real bugger. When we had an extra moment for anything other than work, class and eating - we slept (a little). What our little home birthday celebration DID consist of however was the three of us at home together, which is a major accomplishment. And also a beautiful home-made birthday cake from Mom made especially for Millie (note the pink frosting generously applied):

The good thing about not having one big birthday is that you can have lots of smaller, satellite birthdays at various relatives homes. Like Amelia says: "I'm 'tree' in April" which translated means "I'm three the whole month of April," necessitating multiple gift receptions and sugar highs.

Happy birthday Millie. We know it wasn't much at home but it sure was nice to spend a nice quiet evening together and think about how our lives changed forever three years ago.



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