Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Life is fragile

One mourning last month Amelia and I were sitting at the dining room table for breakfast.
Amelia had been playing with her cereal for awhile, which toddlers will do until you tell them to stop or find something else for them to do because they're bored.
So I had her go into the front room closet to get our dog Annie some food.
Just eating my cereal and reading the paper and suddenly I looked up and a 5'x3' section of plaster from the ceiling above crashed right in front of me (and where Amelia had been sitting prior) onto the dining room table, causing one of the solid wood legs to break causing the table to slope and the dishes to bounce up in the air and crash to the ground.
Amelia just looked at me from the living room as I swore something over and over, not believing that a quarter of our ceiling (about 75 pounds of plaster I estimate) just fell and could have done terrible damage to our daughter. It took her a while to get scared - probably because
of my reaction and she started crying. Amelia explained for days after 'Ceiling fell down, it went BAM!' I held her on the couch for probably 15 minutes while I tried to figure out what just happened. Several years ago we had our roof redone after we noticed
the plaster in our dining room was cracking and water was coming through. I tried patching the cracks several times last year after the water issue had been resolved but never thought my ceiling would just let loose all at once.
I guess if we had premonitions of danger we'd probably never let our kids do anything or go anywhere but you don't usually think about the fact that lots of childhood accidents happen right there in the 'safety' of our own houses.
Several people I told the story to later attributed Amelia's safety in the incident to a divine intervention. 'Someone's looking out for you' they'd say. It's funny how people see God's favoritism in those instances of danger or accident. It makes you wonder what they'd say to a family whose child falls out of a fourth-floor window or a six-month old who's shot execution style. What would we tell these families? I don't know but I do know that life is fragile.



I bought some corn at the store the other day and Amelia loves corn. We brought the bags into the house and she promptly retrieved the corn out of the bags and started husking it. I thought she just wanted to take the 'peels' off of it for fun but then she started chomping on it, eventually eating a whole ear of raw corn. I said, 'honey, daddy has to cook it first!' She said, 'I like corn!' Toddlers are so weird.

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