Monday, May 07, 2007

Ode to Greensburg, Kansas

Main Street Greensburg, KS 2003 and 2007

Greensburg, Kansas is the kind of ideal place where you
could imagine bringing up a child. You could let them
run around the town and not worry about them because
you'd know everyone and everyone would know you and
your kid. We thought about names for The Bun while flying
above Greensburg
in my brother-in-law's plane. We settled on Amelia
months later remembering our time above Greensburg and
thinking about the Kansas native Amelia Earhardt.
Greensburg was an innocent small town on the prairie of few
still small and innocent towns. Julia's Grandparents settled there and
attended the Mennonite church. During the family reunions,
the Mennonite contingent brought the most amazing baked goods
and sang gospel songs a cappella. It was a simple town with
simple and good people.

The town is no longer physically there but its soul
lives on in its people and their shared memories.
We hope that they rebuild it, that their frontier mentality will
prevail and they won't disband their community for bigger towns
with more conveniences. Greensburg was and is something special,
a working-class, farming town where the fields and skies are big and
where the children once again some day will run around the town all day - free.

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