Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pink portraits, birthdays and sunsets

So we packed up all our pink clothing
and headed down to the folks for the family portrait.

Some of the post-portrait pics:

afterwards we got out of all our stuffy duds
(but don't my wife and daughter look beautiful?!)
and headed outside where the sun was out
and the breeze was blowing and there were lots of
dandelions for the girls to harvest:

and sand to get in your shoes:

and brick paths to walk:

Then it was in for the evening and Amelia's
2nd birthday which she wasn't too happy about -
(sheesh, already she's fretting about her age!?!)...
She was alright with Nonnie's pink cake
once everyone stopped singing at her and
we divvied the thing up finally!
Give that girl a fork and plate and pronto!

and then before bed, a final round of chair
dueling between Ameliaand her cousin Sydney:

We stopped on the way home
to drive along the beach of Saint Joseph.
It was a beautiful evening on the shores
of Lake Michigan, the sun setting and the sky
glowing all pinkish-lavender. It reminded me
of my daughter's pink rosy cheeks, pink dress
flying past and pink shoes, all a blur as two
arrived and three waited just over
the pink horizon - to arrive sooner than I'm ready.



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