Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter 07 (the long cold winter)

We headed down to Kentucky for Easter hoping
that the weather would be even slightly warmer than
it's been in Michigan lately so we could take pictures
of Amelia running around out back of Grandma and
Grandpa's house in her sleeveless, pink polka-
dotted Easter dress picking Grandma's flowers.
Instead we drove through snow all the way through
Ohio and down into Lexington. Despite that we
had a lovely time with all the Kentucky contingent.
Amelia got to play with her Grandparents, Aunts and
Uncles and cousins who she hadn't seen since
January or before.

Uncle Craig introduced her to jellybeans for the first
time so any hopes of a nutritious
lunch were dashed. (Thanks a lot Uncle Craig!)
The dogs love those things too - they're eager to snatch
them out of the sticky hands of any little toddler like Amelia.

We ate hearty and dressed up and went to church and
visited everyone and then the morning before leaving
discovered that the Bun had intercepted one nasty virus
left over from a too long winter of viruses. We made it
back home to Michigan without incident but with little sleep.
It made us appreciate just how little we can sometimes
do for our daughter, that we give them the antibodies in
the womb and then they're out on their own and into a
hostile world which we do our best to protect them from.

I've been more sick this last winter than anytime than I can
remember and today I was sleeping with her feverish
body next to me waiting for her to open her eyes and say
'wate' up daddy' and start running around or emptying out
my dresser. Instead she kept on sleeping all through the
afternoon, her body working hard to battle the virus. It was
cold out today but in my half-awake state I could hear birds
in the trees and I dreamed of a warm and healthy spring
to come - hopefully soon.

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At 8:23 AM , Anonymous croutonboy said...

Here's hopin' the sickness will pass's never a nice thing.

And jelly beans were Cheeky's main source of sustenance on Easter, too, and I'm fairly certain she isn't going back to bread and milk any time soon. Thank god she's gonna lose the baby teeth anyway, 'cause the Cavity Creeps would be going nuts right about now otherwise...


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