Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Windy City tour

Last weekend the Bun and I made a rendezvous with
her mom (in town for work) to see the sites of the Windy City.
We toured the Lincoln Park Zoo to see some animals...

...thankfully, behind glass! It was gloriously warm out and the zoo
is free. You couldn't ask for a better or cheaper activity to do
with your toddler (lots of strollers around the park) and it's educational
too. A wonderfully nice docent told us all about the guy above. He's 540
pounds of brute force. Actually he's a big softy. She told us he gives his
little kids zerbers on their bellies - can you imagine an animal like that
doing something that your own dad did to you??? Dads are goofy.

Our next trip was to Shedd Aquarium. I should say that the Bun
got tired of being belted down to her stroller. She's about to turn
two and she can walk herself she says.
Keeping track of a barely
3 foot toddler in a sea of people wasn't something we thought
was prudent so she pretty much hollered most of the way through
the sharks, shrimp, otters, crabs and other watery crustaceans
and mammals.
Plus she's getting her last four teeth, the ones
her grandmother says are the worst. One of them decided to work its
way through the weekend of our first mini-vacation of the year of course

But finally, the day was done and we got
one last photo op and smile from her before
we strapped her into yet another contraption for
our ride back east. Vacationing with a
toddler is always an adventure.


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