Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I want my A -(Amelia) TV!

Forget YouTube - my favorite video site Vimeo
just added tons of space so users can upload bunches
more funny clips of their silly kids running around in
circles, falling asleep in their spaghetti or sticking things
up their noses! Aren't all you viewers lucky now!? (I
promise - no videos of Amelia sticking fettuccine noodles
up her nose (yep, she did)), just lots of movies oh her doing things
we think are fascinating and marvelous but most will think
are pretty silly. Well, we're her parents and you're not
and this is HER blog! Thanks for watching.....

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Master builder

We got Amelia these blocks for Christmas
and she loves them and has no problem with
using them despite the statement from
the manufacturer that they're for 4 year-olds
and up. She's willing to tackle the tough
projects that that Man thinks she can't handle!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas 2006

After all the football watching we
finally got around to putting up the
Christmas pictures. We all had a great
time. Amelia got the hang
of opening stuff but still isn't sure what
the fuss is about. Tearing the paper off is
more exciting than what's actually inside.
Toddlers, who can figure them?

The first of many, many presents...

'Nonnie makes me laugh'

Japanese hand game with Great-Grandma G.
She may be 85 but she's still quicker than
the young'ins

'Olivia - it's a present - hey, I'll open it for ya...uh, please?

Presents?! Who needs em' when you have pots and pans!?

By far the biggest hit this Christmas with the girls - not the
talking dolls, leap frog computers (and definitely not clothes)
were the smiley face containers of Cheerios. We can't
figure it out either - don't they eat Cheerios every day?!

Communal art project - Christmas 2006

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why we haven't posted Christmas picks of our daughter yet? Because we've been watching FOOTBALL!!!

Highlight reel of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl - Unbelievable!