Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'Joie de la Jeunesse'

We don't get many opportunities to go out to the movies now,
sometimes it's hard to get a babysitter for the Bun or we're just

exhausted from the work week but we knew we wanted to see this movie.

While ultimately the historical story is a tragic one
what i think the film celebrates is the joy of youth,
particularly in Marie Antoinette's case when she is reacting against
the pressures of imminent adulthood and responsibility.
The music in the film is great and reminds me of the songs
I loved when I was younger and really still love.
Like other Sofia Coppola films the music is pivotal in setting mood
and speaking for the characters roles themselves. Marie Antoinette was 14 when she was rushed off to a rich kingdom to marry. It's hard to imagine a stranger life story for a young girl at that time, isolated in all the richness, rococo and frivolousness of Versailles. The movie makes this the central story and only faintly touches on the tragic ending. I liked that about it - the lightness of the celebration of her ridiculous situation, her youth, her whims - like being an oblivious teenager again for two hours while life outside the theater - work, bills, wars, elections, etc. (the 'real world') would come soon enough.



At 6:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

great review, we also love Sophia's movies and want to see this one. I just checked the song list on allmusic and was not expecting to see modern artists. I was thinking since it was a period piece she might have Air do some instrumentals and mix in classical music. Sophia has excellent taste in music which makes her work that much better.


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