Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Little Bun on the Prairie

This weekend was the 100th birthday of Amelia's
great-grandmother Irene. She remembers moving
around the country in a covered wagon, no electricity or
plumbing. The Dust Bowl. Being one of 15 children
(that's right 15 children). It was amazing to consider
the contrasts of her time to Amelia's. It took them
days to get anywhere and Amelia can (virtually) get
to my friends and family around the world instantaneous
via the web. It is also amazing to think what the
world may be like in another 100 years.
Yet Kansas reminds us of our tough pasts, the
ruggedness of our ancestors and the
appreciation of the land and the lives they cultivated.

The fields of Pratt, Kansas in October

Big sky country Pratt, Kansas - the wind practically
blew the Bun right over - she had to run to keep
from blowing over.

Four generations of ladies - Irene (the birthday girl at 100),
Julia (grandaughter to Irene) Amelia (great-grandaughter)
and Virginia (daughter to Irene)
More photos from the party here
and some more pictures of Kansas here
A video of Irene and Amelia playing here.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sliding away the summer...

Ok, today it was 30 degrees and snowing here in Michigan.
A sheet of winter swept across Lake Michigan and our cars and
homes were blanketed with a layer of white and it's only October 13th!
Could it be an early sign of a long winter? Before I start posting lots
of pics with the Bun surrounded by lots of white, here's a few
remaining pics of summertime fun at the playground and Amelia
tackling the 'big kid's' slide with abandon....Fearless!