Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Flights of fancy

Today's a day of significance for The Bun. Not once but twice did she release herself from the bonds of some permanent entity used to hang onto whilst standing and walk towards one of her parents open arms with great glee and big two-toothed smile. While I was present for one of these exciting happenings, my camera was not. Most frequent visitors to this site know that I let the pictures do the talking and rarely write more than an explainatory sentence or two (mostly because what can you possibly write that is more cute than a picture of a happy 9 month old girl - see below). However today, I'm feeling inspired but also in need of recreating in words what I wasn't able to capture on the ol' digital baby recorder. Props to Lindsey our new babysitter for encouraging The Bun onward into bipedal flight. Props also to The Blue Sloth for the link up. I'm recycling one of 'nonnie's' favorite pics of The Bun from this past Christmas in order to keep with my quota...


At 7:37 AM , Blogger Philip said...

love the static hair and big grin!

keep the cam on the coffee table or whatever surface she generally clings to when she cruises around, that way you'll be ready (and don't be afraid to put her back to square one and make her do it again so you can capture it)


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