Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Honey, your back froze my belly!

I work nights so I'm asleep around noon. Julia comes home on her lunch break, gets in for a little lunch time nap with me. I woke up slowly to the smell of some kind of really potent perfume the scent of ...menthol? It half bothered me but I was too tired to figure it out. Put my arm around her and tried to feel little bun kicking away up front and fell asleep. Julia has been having back soreness as of late because of the ever increasing weight of the bun in the oven, so apparently, she had affixed one of these to her back which was pressed up against my bare stomach.. "burr!" I woke up about a half our later and I couldn't feel my stomach, or rather, my whole mid-section was frozen stiff so that I couldn't bend in the middle. This stuff works too - about 5 hours later my stomach was still a ice sheet!


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